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How to trade breakout restests in forex

How To Trade Breakout Retests In Forex

Breakout trading is one of the most utilized approaches in the Forex market. This is because trading breakouts is simple and far easier to implement when compared to other strategies, making it a great option for traders starting out and even veterans of the market.

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Forex Trading Strategies - Time Entries Using Fibonacci

Forex Trading Strategies – Time Entries Using Fibonacci

“Trading strategy” – one of the most searched terms for any beginner trader. Or the trader who has been trading for years on end, burning the midnight oil just to see the end of the tunnel where they hoped to find some light… but all they found was a negative expectancy. Sound familiar? I KNOW!!! I would also be pulling my hair out thinking ‘maybe this isn’t for me’ and ‘maybe my parents were right, maybe I should go to college’ or worse ‘maybe I should get that job…

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