The Markets Give And The Markets Take

The Markets Give and the Markets Take

Have you ever felt like the guy or girl who cannot seem to get anything right? Literally, nothing right! I most definitely have. I used to play cricket back in high school, and I loved it! It was such a thrill representing my high school, and better yet, doing it with my closest friends!

Although my friends and I had achieved several things on the field and won some crucial games, there was that ONE school we couldn’t beat!

Over time the teams’ psychology changed, and you could sense that the group was preparing for a loss and never a win. That bugged me, but I didn’t say anything about it.

But my coach did. He wasn’t the kind of coach you messed around. Come match day, every mistake made on the field led to a fitness drill on Monday afternoon.

I will be honest with you – Absolutely NO ONE on the team enjoyed Monday fitness, especially after losing the past weekend. Our coach made us VERY aware of the opportunities that we were given but didn’t take and the opportunities we managed to seize.

So with every missed opportunity, you could expect a lap around a 400m field, completed within the minute by every single player, as a team! Was this the best thing that happened to us? Yes and No.

I will tell you why for both answers. No because we hated fitness! I mean, I certainly don’t know anyone who loves doing fitness because of someone else’s mistakes! Right?

However, it was also the best thing for us because we became closer than friends. We became a unit, bonded like a family, and it taught us to capitalize on every opportunity given while minimizing lost chances.

Those sentences may sound the same, but they are not. Let me explain them from a trader’s perspective.

Markets giving and taking

For most of us in our trading journey’s, we will experience moments whether we are up on a position or multiple positions and not close our trades due to several factors such as:

  • Greed
  • Panic
  • News factors
  • Uncertainty and the opinions of other traders in the very SAME market
  • The idea that we know exactly what the market will give at the exact time.


In these moments, you usually don’t go with your better judgment, telling you to get out of those positions and enjoy what the market has given you. Instead, you believe that the market will, no, in fact, you tell yourself it must give you more.

This isn’t true. The market has given you what it needs to for that time. If you aren’t careful, it will take it all back.

The market will take back what it gave you and then some! It is an important skill to take all that you’re given and not be greedy while limiting what the market will take from you (because it will take).

You cannot stop it from taking. No matter how little it takes, you cannot stop it. This is why you need risk management and good psychology to keep all emotions in balance.

So don’t worry about how much it is taking. Ensure that it’s taking pennies on the dollar while you take hundreds of dollars when winning.

So HOW do we do this?

As traders, we need to be able to take the wins with the losses. There should be a balance in emotions within a Forex trader because they realize that it is all a numbers game.

Trading the market is a probabilities game, one that is not guaranteed success. However, with enough chances, the numbers may skew towards your favor. IF you set yourself up correctly, you control how much success you experience in the market.

You need to set yourself up with a trading plan that entails proper risk management, money management, your rules, and how you plan to manage your emotions. Now, understand it is all good and well to have this plan but the most IMPORTANT thing is to ACT ON IT! DAILY!!

That is how you take what the market gives consistently. When you are in the market and find yourself in positions, remember that there will be winners and lessons.

Yes, lessons! Think of the losses as lessons on where you could improve, and you will soon realize more wins in your trading and a higher probability of success.


Go out and play the probabilities game.

Happy Trading fellow traders!

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Emmanuel Maphosa

Emmanuel Maphosa

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