Terms Of Use

Tradingdispatch.com is owned and operated by Trading Dispatch (Pty) Ltd (“Trading Dispatch”, “we”, “us”, “website”, “site”, “business”, “company”). Trading Dispatch has the right to change or delete these terms of use without prior notice.

The following represents an agreement between users of this website and Trading Dispatch (Pty) Ltd. By using this website you are accepting the terms of use, if you do not agree to the terms of use then do not access this website.

The terms of use also highlight the responsibilities and requirements of users.

“Users” include but are not limited to visitors as well as the members of this site and those who engage on our other platforms such as social media accounts.

User responsibility:

It is up to the user to determine if they are eligible to use this website based on the laws/ regulations where they are based. Trading Dispatch cannot regulate such and thus takes no responsibility if a person is breaking the law by using this website.

Users are also required to provide accurate and complete information at all times.

Requirements of users:

  • Users are legally responsible for all actions they take.
  • Users must provide accurate information and cannot be deceitful.
  • Users are expected to update their information when necessary.
  • Users are entirely responsible for any of their communication with us or other users.
  • Users are expected to keep their information such as passwords safe.
  • Users are responsible for the information provided to us, either directly by the user or by automated means highlighted in the privacy policy.
  • Users are responsible for any activity that takes place on their relevant profiles/ accounts.
  • Users must be able to provide their consent without any issues.
  • Users may not break any relevant laws in their jurisdiction including, but not limited to, financial and security regulations.
  • Users may not attempt to hack this website or any similar forms of action.
  • Users may not commit any actions attempting to harm the functioning of this website, including but not limited to unnecessary usage of resources.
  • Users may not attempt to steal the information of other users using any techniques.


Members responsibility:

“Members” refers to all individuals providing any form of communication on Trading Dispatch’s platforms which includes this website, email, and social media:

  • Members are legally responsible for all actions taken.
  • Members may not share any information that they require legal rights to use/ distribute, for example, material that may be trademarked or copyrighted.
  • Members may not share sensitive information of any kind.
  • Members must conduct themselves in a respectful manner
  • Members may not share anything that could be regarded as offensive, sexual, or fraudulent.
  • Members may not solicit business from other users using any of our platforms.
  • Members may not harass, abuse, harm, or perform any similar actions to other individuals.
  • Members automatically agree to receive further communication from tadingdispatch.com and/ or other members once they sign up on this website or join us on other platforms.
  • Members agree for any comments, posts, questions or other forms of communication to be displayed publicly and/ or to other members, edited and distributed.
  • Members may not post affiliate links or any other form of promotion that could lead to them receiving compensation.
  • Members may not communicate in a way that could harm the businesses or brands that Trading Dispatch is affiliated with. 


Trading Dispatch may edit and/ or remove any information, comments, posts, etc that breach any of these rules. In extreme cases, legal action may be taken.


Trading Dispatch may terminate member account for any reason we feel applicable. Users may also be restricted from using this site if it is deemed necessary.

Protection of intellectual property:

All of the information on this website is the copyrighted property of Trading Dispatch. This includes but is not limited to names, logos, articles, content, material, and all services.

Therefore, no information on this website may be used, changed, or distributed in any form without the permission of Trading Dispatch.

In the case where it is believed that any intellectual property belonging to this website has been used, Trading Dispatch has the right to take legal action.

Sharing of your intellectual property:

If a user publishes a useful piece of information, Trading Dispatch has the right to share, publish, and display this information on different platforms. Credit will be given, in the event where credit is not given please do contact us.

Third parties:

Third-party products, services, and websites are displayed on this website through text, banners, charts, links, and other forms. Trading Dispatch takes no responsibility for any material, products, services, or other offers from third parties as these are not under our control.

Understand that when you visit other websites or enter into any agreement with other parties, you are doing so at your own risk and we take no responsibility for the results and/ or outcomes.

Certain information such as, but not limited to, prices and charts may be provided by third parties, therefore we cannot take responsibility with regards to the accuracy of this information.

Links on this website are provided for further information and/ or convivence. This does not mean that Trading Dispatch endorsees the other party’s material, content, services, products, or any other forms of offers.

Offers from third parties in the form of reviews, adverts, and marketing may also be found on this site. The accuracy of this information as well as the offers you enter into with these third parties is not our responsibility. Understand that Trading Dispatch may be affiliated with these 3rd parties therefore by promoting their services we may receive commissions.


Tradingdispatch.com may make use of individuals/ groups who are not a part of this website’s operations to provide material such as podcasts, articles, or other forms of content. Understand that we are not responsible for any information that these parties provide or the results of the actions that you take. These parties are also not responsible for the accuracy of info provided or the results of any actions you may take due to the info provided.

Website operation:

Tradingdispatch.com has the right to change and/ or delete parts of the website at any time. Thus all information and content can be amended at our discretion.

Parts of this website or the entire website may be restricted and/ or un-operational to certain users or all users.   


Contacting Trading Dispatch through any means automatically means you agree to receive further communication from us.

If you sign up to our newsletter, courses or any other form of offering, you agree to receive further communication from Trading Dispatch.

This includes contact through social media platforms and email.

No warranties and no liability:

Trading Dispatch makes no warranties with regards to the operation and functioning of this website as well as its accuracy and completeness.

Trading Dispatch assumes no liability or responsibility with regards to the content and information on this website as well as its accuracy and completeness.

You use this website and all of the information/ contents at your own risk. Under no circumstances and/ or legal theory will Trading Dispatch, any third parties associated with this website or the individuals involved in running this website and producing its content be liable to any person for any direct or indirect consequences of using this website.


By using this website you indemnify Trading Dispatch and all the individuals involved with its operation from any form of responsibility, liability, loss, expenses, or any other outcomes/ events.

If these terms of use, or any other terms specified in the privacy policy or disclaimer, are breached or believed to be breached, Trading Dispatch has the right to take legal action. Information can then be made available to all the relevant 3rd parties. Trading Dispatch takes no responsibility for the actions of users but issues will be resolved as soon as possible. Users are also responsible for any financial liability resulting from any breaches of these terms of use, the privacy policy, and the disclaimer.