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Support and resistance - How to apply in trading
Technical Analysis

Support And Resistance – How To Apply In Trading

It is impossible to talk about technical analysis in financial markets without the topics of support and resistance coming up. It is the equivalent of trying to explain soccer without mentioning passing. Using support and resistance in trading is arguably the most widespread factor used in the strategies and approaches of traders.

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Scaling In - Positives and Negatives
Risk Management

Scaling In – Positives And Negatives

MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. That’s the game we play. Money Management is a crucial part of a trading system. Often this part of a system is over-looked and ignored but Money Management alone can be the pivot of a trader’s career from unprofitable to profitable.

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Trading Psychology
Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology In Forex

Trading Psychology is known as the emotional and mental state of a trader. The behaviors that drive your decision-making process within the markets.
It’s crazy how every decision in our lives play unique roles in the way we experience life in the future.

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