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How interest rates affect forex trading
Fundamental Analysis

How Interest Rates Affect Forex Trading

Watching Bloomberg and CNBC will make any new trader confused beyond belief. So many types of economic data flowing on the screen and the different analysts giving their opinions, this can leave traders with a heart rate above 150 bpm thinking: “what will happen to my long USD position?” In this article, we will discuss how interest rates affect Forex trading so that you are not left chewing your nails or grinding your teeth until there is nothing left.

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Forex Trading Strategies - Time Entries Using Fibonacci
Trading Strategies

Forex Trading Strategies – Time Entries Using Fibonacci

“Trading strategy” – one of the most searched terms for any beginner trader. Or the trader who has been trading for years on end, burning the midnight oil just to see the end of the tunnel where they hoped to find some light… but all they found was a negative expectancy. Sound familiar? I KNOW!!! I would also be pulling my hair out thinking ‘maybe this isn’t for me’ and ‘maybe my parents were right, maybe I should go to college’ or worse ‘maybe I should get that job…

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Fundamental's vs. Technical's
Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental’s Vs Technical’s

What is the big deal…? No, Really? In this lonely and dangerous world of Forex, like any other, you probably will have heard the term Fundamental Analysis which sounds like something you ought to know about right. Let’s take a look

Fundamental analysis is the use and study of economic factors in a given country in an attempt to gauge the current or, more profitable, future value of that country’s currency. But wait…

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Support and resistance - How to apply in trading
Technical Analysis

Support And Resistance – How To Apply In Trading

It is impossible to talk about technical analysis in financial markets without the topics of support and resistance coming up. It is the equivalent of trying to explain soccer without mentioning passing. Using support and resistance in trading is arguably the most widespread factor used in the strategies and approaches of traders.

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Scaling In - Positives and Negatives
Risk Management

Scaling In – Positives And Negatives

To Scale In or Not to Scale In… That is The Question…

MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. That’s the game we play. Money Management is a crucial part of a trading system. Often this part of a system is over-looked and ignored but Money Management alone can be the pivot of a trader’s career from unprofitable to profitable. I don’t blame you! Money Management can be Unsexy, the veggies on your plate if you will and unfortunately for some… MOM KNOWS BEST.

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Trading Psychology
Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology In Forex

Can trading and psychology be considered as one?

Trading Psychology is known as the emotional and mental state of a trader. The behaviors that drive your decision-making process within the markets.
It’s crazy how every decision in our lives play unique roles in the way we experience life in the future.

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