Privacy Policy is owned and operated by Trading Dispatch (Pty) Ltd (“Trading Dispatch”, “we”, “us”, “website”, “site”, “business”, “company”). Trading Dispatch has the right to change or delete this Privacy Policy without prior notice. By using this website you are accepting the privacy policy, if you do not agree to the terms set out in the privacy policy then do not access this website. 

Trading Dispatch respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. The following outlines how the information you provide is used.

How is information collected?

Information provided by you:

This website collects the information that you willingly provide, including but not limited to: Name, Surname, Phone number, Social media accounts and Email addresses. This information will not be sold to 3rd parties (see protection of information).

Please be wary of providing your info to any other users on forums, for example, any action such as this is of your own accord.

Information may be provided by you and thus collected in the following ways (not limited to these examples):

  • Subscribing to services such as email lists.
  • Subscribing to this website.
  • The info you provide to receive resources such as guides.
  • Contacting us through various means.


Understand that any information you provide may then be stored and/ or used for further communication, by providing this information you agree to this.

Protection of information:

Trading Dispatch will not sell your information to third parties. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting spam from services that you did not sign up for as a result of using this website.

Trading Dispatch is also protected by BitNinja and is SSL encrypted to protect your information from hackers.

At no point will Trading Dispatch disclose any information unless this was requested and/ or permission was granted by a user. Understand that by performing certain actions you may be granting permission automatically (for example by using this website you agree to cookies)

Trading Dispatch takes no responsibility if issues occur with the protection provided by these or other parties.

Other websites sign in:

You can sign into other website accounts that you own including social media sites such as Facebook. LinkedIn and Twitter, for purposes such as sharing/ liking posts, following Trading Dispatch on different platforms or to engage with other users. Note that this information may be stored (no sensitive information is included in this)

You may also use other platforms to easily create accounts/ sign up with us, this information may also be captured (no sensitive information is included in this)


Information provided by you in the comments may be available to other members, administrators, and/ or the public. Please make sure you do not disclose any sensitive information on this or similar platforms. 


Information provided by you on any forums may be available to other members, administrators, and/ or the public. Please make sure you do not disclose any sensitive information on this or similar platforms. This could include but is not limited to questions and replies on the forum.

Cancelling opt-ins:

A method will be provided for you to cancel any memberships or forms of communication that you previously accepted to receive. For email communications, you can unsubscribe and in terms of membership, you can cancel on your own accord. If you are receiving communication and are not sure how to cancel it then contact us


You can request for your information to be deleted and/ or changed if you believe the information is incorrect/ misleading or if you do not want your information to be held. 

Automatically collected information:

Certain information may be collected automatically by this website for reasons such as security, website performance, and optimization. This information is regarded as usage information and is used by the vast majority of websites. Examples of this include but are not limited to:

  • Information provided by cookies.
  • Internet connection information such as location, IP addresses, browser, and devices.
  • Data caches to improve the performance of the website.
  • Your activity before visiting this website and how you operate within the website e.g. the links that are clicked on.



Trading Dispatch and the 3rd parties associated with us make use of cookies, by continuing to use this website you agree to the usage of cookies. If you do not consent or agree to this then please do not make use of the website.

If your browser disables/ prohibits the use of cookies then parts of this site or the entire site may not function.

Cookies are used for but are not limited to:

  • Trading Dispatch uses cookies to understand how the user engages with the website to personalize user experience. Cookies are used to store data and may also be used to track user activity associated with this website.
  • Cookies are also used to determine what advertisements, promotions, etc may be shown to the user based on their behavior.


Other forms of information collection that may be used:

This is not limited to the following:

  • IP Addresses.
  • Web beacons.
  • Pixels.


Locally captured information:

Certain information may be stored on your local device and/ or browser, an example of this is cached data.

Third parties:

The third-party advertisers and/ or companies that Trading Dispatch is affiliated with may use our website to distribute cookies to users, cookies from third parties are not our responsibility however these companies have to adhere to strict guidelines/ regulations with regards to the use of cookies.

These third parties may also use other forms of data collection such as, but not limited to, IP Addresses, Web Beacons, and Pixels.

Any other information that is provided by or collected by third parties is not our responsibility and will fall under the relevant companies privacy policy.

Violation of the law:

Any users who are suspected of violating the law in any way are not protected by the privacy policy. The relevant information will be disclosed to the necessary law enforcement or other parties.

How is information used?

Includes but is not limited to:

  1. Improve website performance: Information provided through means such as caching helps to improve the speed and operation of this website.
  2. Functionality: Certain information such as cookies are required to ensure that this website functions correctly.
  3. Relevant content: Stored information allows us to provide content and targeted advertisements that are relevant to the user’s interests/ needs.
  4. Contacting: Any information provided may also be used to contact you, provide updates, and point towards relevant products/ services. This will not occur without your agreement/ opt-in.
  5. Membership: Your information is collected when you opt- into any form of communication with or set up any form of account with us.
  6. Dispute resolution: In case of any disputes your information will be used to solve/ investigate disputes.


Relevant geographical laws:

Certain countries and/ or states may have specific laws with regards to how websites operate and what criteria users have to meet to use these websites. Understand that Trading Dispatch is not responsible for cases in which a user engages with this website but is not eligible to do so due to laws/ restrictions imposed by relevant authorities.

Examples of this include but are not limited to: Users being required to be of a certain age to use websites of this kind, certain types of advertising being restricted in certain countries/ states, and websites that educate in the topics of financial markets to be registered.

Please ensure that you are legally allowed to use this website and how it is operated based on the applicable laws/ regulations where you are based.

If you do not agree to certain aspects of this privacy policy then you may take measures to prevent certain information from being obtained either by not providing details yourself or by disabling certain information from being collected automatically. Understand however that this website requires all information to operate optimally and that by disabling certain information from being collected certain parts of or the entire website may not be able to function properly.

Trading Dispatch and those involved do not take any responsibility for errors that may occur if your information is being used in a way that you do not agree with then contact the legal department on our contact page. If you do not agree to the terms of the privacy policy then do not access/ use this website.

No warranties and no liability:

Trading Dispatch makes no warranties with regards to the operation and functioning of this website as well as its accuracy and completeness.

Trading Dispatch assumes no liability or responsibility with regards to the content and information on this website as well as its accuracy and completeness.

You use this website and all of the information/ contents at your own risk. Under no circumstances and/ or legal theory will Trading Dispatch, any third parties associated with this website or the individuals involved in running Trading Dispatch and producing its content be liable to any person for any direct or indirect consequences of using this website.


By using this website you indemnify Trading Dispatch and all the individuals involved with its operation from any form of responsibility, liability, loss, expenses, or any other outcomes/ events.