Fundamental Analysis

How interest rates affect forex trading

How Interest Rates Affect Forex Trading

Watching Bloomberg and CNBC will make any new trader confused beyond belief. So many types of economic data flowing on the screen and the different analysts giving their opinions, this can leave traders with a heart rate above 150 bpm thinking: “what will happen to my long USD position?” In this article, we will discuss how interest rates affect Forex trading so that you are not left chewing your nails or grinding your teeth until there is nothing left.

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Fundamental's vs. Technical's

Fundamental’s Vs Technical’s

What is the big deal…? No, Really? In this lonely and dangerous world of Forex, like any other, you probably will have heard the term Fundamental Analysis which sounds like something you ought to know about right. Let’s take a look

Fundamental analysis is the use and study of economic factors in a given country in an attempt to gauge the current or, more profitable, future value of that country’s currency. But wait…

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