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High risk:

Trading any financial product involves a high level of risk, therefore you must understand the risks that come with it and take full responsibility for the outcomes of your decisions. Trading is not suitable for all individuals.

Never risk more than you can afford to lose and understand that losses can exceed deposited funds. If you are unsure about trading any financial market and the risks associated with it, consult a registered/ licensed investment advisor.

Informative and educational purpose:

All content and information found on this website, or other platforms owned by Trading Dispatch (Pty) Ltd, is only for informative and/ or educational purposes, and never constitutes financial or investment advice.

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Trading Dispatch is not responsible for any investment/ trading decisions that you make as a result of the use of any information or content that is provided, either directly or indirectly. This includes but is not limited to financial loss.

Not financial advice:

All information and content provided by Trading Dispatch does not constitute financial advice. This includes but is not limited to setups, strategies, analysis, suggestions, and management. Everything on tradingdispatch.com and other platforms operated by us is for informative and informational purposes.

Trading Dispatch does not take any liability, if required seek independent financial advice for a registered/ licensed party.

Not professional advice:

At tradingdispatch.com we exercise a high level of professionalism in our work, however, no information or content on this website should be regarded as professional advice. Thus no information or content should be regarded as a recommendation. If you would like professional advice consult a registered/ licensed party.

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You alone are responsible for any outcomes of actions taken, that occur directly or indirectly, as a result of the information and content provided by Trading Dispatch.

Trading Dispatch, and all individuals involved with its operation, will not be held liable for any decisions that you make, and therefore are not responsible for any loss, expenses or other forms of outcomes/ events. You are solely responsible.

By using this website all users accept that they are fully responsible for any actions they take based on any information/ content provided by tradingdispatch.com as well as the outcomes of these actions.

Accuracy of information:

All content and information provided by Trading Dispatch is aimed at helping you become a great trader, and we do our best to make sure that all content is of the highest quality and that information is as accurate as possible. However, errors in the accuracy of the information and content provided may occur. Information and content are also not guaranteed to be complete or up to date, and there may be some omissions. Therefore Trading Dispatch will not be held liable with regards to the trueness/ accuracy of all information and content provided on this website, and no liability is taken with regards to losses or other outcomes that may result, directly or indirectly, from this.

Trading Dispatch makes use of third parties, no responsibility is taken with regards to the accuracy of the content/ information provided by these parties.

All content and information are subject to change, without prior notice.

Results/ outcomes are not guaranteed:

When providing information and content, any results/ outcomes are included for informative purposes, to help traders make the best decision. None of the results or outcomes are guaranteed and they do not constitute any form of recommendation.

Results/ outcomes differ from person to person and by including such information we are not guaranteeing anything, thus Trading Dispatch will not be held responsible for the actions that you take. The point is so take the lessons we are trying to teach and apply them in your trading.


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Affiliate links and reviews:

This website may partner with 3rd parties/ businesses to promote their products and/ or services. These links are included in text, banners, and reviews. Understand that by purchasing a product and/or service from these third parties, Trading Dispatch may receive a commission. You will never pay more for a product or service as a direct result of using our affiliate links.

We aim to provide users with useful resources, tools, and platforms to excel as a trader, however it is your job to access whether a third party is a good fit for you. any agreements entered or purchases made you are responsible for. Therefore, you should not solely rely on our opinions, but conduct your own research and when required seek professional advice.

Trading Dispatch is not liable for any decisions you make concerning other parties and businesses. Any issues must be resolved between you and that party.

Relationship with clients:

Trading Dispatch and the company’s directors cannot be held responsible for any unintentional sales or referrals after direct contact with clients. These individuals visit this website at their own discretion.

Trading Dispatch also takes no liability for unintentional sales or referrals to clients associated with the company or the directors.  These individuals visit this website at their own discretion.

Not an endorsement:

When information, content, or links of another company/ party is included by tradingdispatch.com, this does not constitute an endorsement and does not guarantee that all information is accurate. The users are responsible for any decisions they make based on the information provided and should ensure that all information is accurate, as well as considering if the third party/ company suits their requirements/ needs.

Third parties:

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Use of third party material:

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No warranties and no liability:

Trading Dispatch makes no warranties with regards to the operation and functioning of this website as well as its accuracy and completeness.

Trading Dispatch assumes no liability or responsibility with regards to the content and information on this website as well as its accuracy and completeness.

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