Trading The Rising Wedge Pattern

Trading The Rising Wedge Pattern

Today we will look into the rising wedge pattern which occurs in the markets when price contracts in a specific direction. On a chart, you will observe a trendline underneath price and channel line above.

Within the wedge, the market still has bullish momentum, but breakouts out of this pattern can occur in either direction.

What Is A Trading Strategy And How To Build One?

What Is A Trading Strategy And How To Build One

A trading strategy is a set of predefined rules that a trader follows when opening, managing and closing a position. This means that specific criteria must be met before any trades are placed or modified.
Trading strategies dictate when you should be participating in the market vs. when you should stay out, which essentially means that the rules are making the trading decisions.

Fibonacci Forex Trading Strategy

Fibonacci Forex Trading Strategy

Profitable trading strategies are usually extremely simple. Fibonacci is one of the easiest forms of technical analysis to grasp which is why today I will show you a Fibonacci Forex strategy.
What is the basis of Fibonacci trading? These levels are calculated relative to the size of the previous move i.e. the value from one swing point to another.

Trading Trendline Breaks

Trading Trendline Breaks

Trendlines are a form of dynamic support and resistance which means trendline breaks signal a potential shift supply and demand, just as breakouts of horizontal levels do. Traders can take advantage of these occurrences and position themselves on the correct side of the market.
Before we rush, what is a trendline breakout? This occurs when price closes past a trendline that previously acted as support or resistance.

How To Trade Breakouts In Forex

How to trade breakouts in forex

Breakouts are a great approach for Forex trading, why? Simplicity is the reason; the methods are structured and rule-based which is what traders need to achieve consistent results.
I must be honest upfront, pure breakout trading does come with psychological challenges due to fake breakouts, and thus a lower win %, some traders may be suited to trading breakout retests instead. All that being said, when implemented correctly breakout trading can make consistent profits.

Range Trading Strategy

Range trading strategy

Ranges occur in the Forex market about 70% of the time. Having a strategy to take advantage of these conditions could be a smart move if you are a trader who enjoys trading frequently and a higher win % suits your personality. In this post, you will learn a simple range trading strategy allowing you to take advantage of the most common market environment.

Forex Trading Using Fundamentals

Forex trading using fundamentals

Are you interested in using fundamentals to trade Forex but have no idea where to even start?

This article will set you on the right track by explaining 3 different approaches to trading fundamentals in Forex: News trading, interest rate approach and geopolitical trading.

Moving Average Trading Strategy

Moving Average Trading Strategy

I hope you will allow me to teach you a simple trading strategy that any trader can use, even beginners in the seemingly never-ending quest for profitability.

Moving averages have pretty much been around since the dawn of trading.

How To Trade Double Tops And Bottoms

How to Trade Double Tops and Bottoms

The RIGHT way. Trading Chart patterns might be the easiest way to start learning how to trade a strategy. It can help traders to remain objective because there are certain boxes a pattern needs to tick before it can be considered a High probability trade. There are many ways to trade the same thing in Forex but some ways areā€¦ better than others.

How To Trade Breakout Retests In Forex

How to trade breakout restests in forex

Breakout trading is one of the most utilized approaches in the Forex market. This is because trading breakouts is simple and far easier to implement when compared to other strategies, making it a great option for traders starting out and even veterans of the market.