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Stacking vs. Scaling In Forex
Risk Management

Stacking Vs. Scaling In Forex

Stacking and Scaling are not the same things in Forex trading. Scaling is a pretty common practice and has been around for quite a long time. On the other hand, Stacking has been getting a bit more attention recently in Forex trading in South Africa, and I feel like we need to address it.

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What Is Backtesting In Trading
Trading Strategies

What Is Backtesting In Trading?

Backtesting is a method that involves examining how a trading strategy performs by simulating trades based on historical prices and data.

Traders who backtest believe if an approach worked in the past, it should have good performance in the future.

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Fundamental Analysis Explained
Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis Explained

Fundamental analysis is a method that involves estimating a security’s value by analyzing economic, political, and environmental factors and studying what may affect price in the future.
You could say that fundamentals focus on the driving forces behind market movements, while technical analysis emphasizes price movements on a chart.

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Understanding Liquidity In The Forex Markets
Technical Analysis

Understanding Liquidity In The Forex Markets

There is so much to be learnt about liquidity, order blocks and how the banks operate in order to catch retail traders out. We will dive into these topics in future article but for now, happy trading and profitable journeys to you all!

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What Goes Into A Forex Trading Plan
Trading Psychology

What Goes Into A Forex Trading Plan?

In the world of Forex, there are a few things that every successful trader can without a doubt agree upon, and one of those things is that you need a trading plan to succeed in Forex trading. When you first start trying to make money in financial markets, you probably aren’t trading with any sort of trading plan or strategy, for that matter. If you’re lucky, you’ll lose enough money early on before you realize that you need a plan when you come to play this game. So what exactly goes into a trading plan?

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